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SOAL Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD / MI Tahun 2021, Kunci Jawaban USBN Pilihan Ganda Essay

Simak pembahasan soal dan jawaban Latihan US UAS dan USBN untuk siswa kelas 6 SD Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris semester genap

Penulis: Dhita Mutiasari | Editor: Dhita Mutiasari
SOAL Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD / MI Tahun 2021. 

    b. moon

    c. jupiter

    d. mercury

5. What is the tittle of the text above?

    a. The Solar System

    b. The Planets

    c. The Biggest Planet

    d. The Star

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6. ... rises in the morning.

    a. moon

    b. star

    c. planets

    d. sun

7. A :"Does the moon have its own light?"

    B :"No, it ..."

    a. isn't

    b. aren't

    c. don't

    d. doesn't

8. The following are the things in the earth, except ....

    a. mountain

    b. waterfall

    c. comet

    d. lake

9.  I save my money in the ....

     a. school

     b. bank

     c. hospital

     d. bus station

10. My father is a doctor. He works in the ....

     a. bank

     b. school

     c. hospital

     d. garage

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11. ... do you live?

     a. where

     b. what

     c. is

     d. are

12. Mrs. Tina orders Anggi not to be lazy. She says ....

      a. Sit down!

      b. Don't tell a lie

      c. Don't speak!

      d. Don't be lazy!

13. Mr. Andy orders Sintha not to be naughty. She says ....

      a. Don't be naughty!

      b. Don't cry!

      c. Stand up!

      d. Move!

14. ...  the door!

      a. Cry

      b. Open

      c. Sit

      d. Smile

15. Keep ...!

      My baby is sleeping.

      a. silent

      b. noisy

      c. crying

      d. standing

16. .... ! The rainbow is beautiful.

      a. Open

      b. Listen

      c. Look

      d. Writ

17. ... sit on the bench!

      The paint is still wet.

      a. Dosn't

      b. Don't

      c. Do

      d. Did

18. Indonesia is a ....

      a. kingdom

      b. empire

      c. emperor

      d. republic

19. The capital of Indonesia is ....

      a. Bandung

      b. Surabaya

      c. Semarang

      d. Jakarta

20. Belows are the name of province in Indonesia, except ....

      a. West Java

      b. Surabaya

      c. West Kalimantan 

      d. East Java

      Text for number 21 to 23

Up to now Indonesia has six presidents. The first president is Sukarno.

He led this country from 1945 to 1966. The second president is Suharto. 

He led Indonesia from 1966 to 1998. The next president are B.J.Habibie.

Abdurrahman Wahid, Megawati Sukarno Putri, and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

21. The first president of Indonesia is ....

      a. Suharto

      b. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

      c. Sukarno

      d. Megawati Sukarno Putri

22. Suharto led Indonesia for ... years. 

      a. twenty two

      b. twenty one

      c. thirty two

      d. thirty one

23. The president after B.J.Habibie was ....

      a. Abdurrahman Wahid

      b. Suharto

      c. Megawati sukarno Putri

      d. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

24. The king's son is a ....

       a. prince

       b. princess

       c. president

       d. republic

25. The leader of a kingdom is a ....

       a. president

       b. emperor

       c. governor

       d. king

26.  A :"How much does the pen cost?"

       B :"It ... two thousand rupiahs."

       a. cost

       b. costs

       c. costing

       d. costed

27. Shopkeeper is a person who works in the ....

      a. shop

      b. school

      c. bank

      d. hospital

28. A :"What ... the price of this bag?"

      B :"It is seventy five thousand rupiahs."

      a. does

      b. are

      c. is

      d. don't

29. Rp.25.000 = ...

      a. Twenty nine thousand rupiahs

      b. Seventy five thousand rupiahs

      c. fifty two thousand rupiahs

      d. Twenty five thousand rupiahs

30. We will go to Bandung ...

      a. yesterday

      b. tomorrow

      c. two days a go

      d. last week

31. She ... buy a book tomorrow morning.

      a. will

      b. go

      c. cry

      d. read

32. Wina doesn't pass the examination. She feels ....

       a. sad

       b. glad

       c. smile

       d. nervous

33.  Mr.Peno works all day long in the rice field. He feels ....

      a. glad

      b. happy

      c. tired

      d. hungry

34.  A:"Where will ... go next holiday?"

       B:"They will go to Borobudur temple."

       a. she

       b. he

       c. I

       d. they

       Text for number 35 to 38

       Hello, friends. My name is Rania. You can call me Nia. I will tell you something about Mrs.Julie. She is my favorite English teacher. She has an oval face, pointed nose, white skin and long hair. All students like her because she is very kind and very beautiful. She teaches English patiently. She is also smart. She is as smart as Mr.Dhika, our former English teacher. Someday, I want to be an English teacher like her.

35. Mrs.Julie is ....

      a. an English teacher

      b. a math teacher

      c. a doctor

      d. a nurse

36. Is Mrs.Julie as smart as Mr.Dhika?

      a. Yes, she do

      b. No, they don't

      c. Yes, she is

      d. No, she isn't

37. All students like Mrs.Julie because she is ....

      a. always angry

      b. always smile

      c. very kind

      d. very fat

38. Mrs.Julie has ... hair.

      a. long

      b. short

      c. curly

      d. brown

39. I ... a letter yesterday.

      a. write

      b. wrote

      c. writing

      d. writes

40. My grandfather is ... than my father.

     a. old

     b. oldest

     c. most old

     d. older

41. The opposite of long is ....

      a. big

      b. short

      c. large

      d. small

42. Rasty always gets the first rank in her class. She is the ... student in the class.

      a. clever

      b. cleverest

      c. more clever

      d. cleverer

43. Wini is as ... as Nisa.

       a. taller

       b. tallest

       c. tall

       d. more taller

44. We have twenty ...

      a. book

      b. a book

      c. an book

      d. books

45. A;"May I borrow your pencil?"


      a. Don't speak

      b. No, I don't

      c. Sit down

      d. Yes, of course

46. The legend of Tangkuban Perahu is from ...

       a. East Java

       b. West Java

       c. Central Java

       d. Sumatra

47. The hospital is behind the school.

      The antonym of behind is ....

      a. in front of

      b. next to

      c. between

      d, beside

48. Hani is lazy, but her brother is ....

      a. clever

      b. stupid

      c. dilligent

      d. handsome

49. Sandri   :"Escuse me, May I bring your books?"

      Teacher :"...."

      a. Yes, please

      b. No, I don't

      c. Don't sleep

      d. I'm fine

50. We are very happy .... our team won the competition.

       a. so

       b. because

       c. and

       d. or


Fill the blank with the correct answer!

51. We use an ... to bring the patient to the hospital.
52. Mrs.Irna is a .... She helps the doctor.
53. Diana is tall ... her brother is short.
54. Yunita is pretty, ... all the boys are interested with her.
55. There ... seven bags in the cupboard.
56. We need tent, rope and carrier to go ....
57. My father brings his fish hook when he goes ....
58. Niagara fall is the name of a ... in America.
59. The sun ... in the west.
60. I ... English last night.



1. b                   11. a                  21. c                 31. a                 41. b
2. c                   12. d                  22. c                 32. a                 42. b
3. a                   13. a                  23. a                 33. c                 43. c
4. a                   14. b                  24. a                 34. b                 44. d
5. a                   15. a                  25. d                 35. d                 45. d
6. d                   16. c                  26. b                 36. a                 46. b
7. d                   17. b                  27. a                 37. c                 47. a
8. c                   18. d                  28. c                 38. a                 48. c
9. b                   19. d                  29. d                 39. b                49. a
10. c                 20. b                  30. b                 40. d                50. b


51. ambulance

52. nurse

53. but

54. so

55. are

56. camping

57. fishing

58. waterfall

59. sets

60. studied 

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